Lingual thyroid

Lingual thyroid is a rare condition, with an incidence of 1:100,000. This infrequent congenital anomaly is often asymptomatic until a pathologic stress such as systemic disease or physiologic stress such as puberty causes enlargement of the ectopic tissue, leading to dysphagia, dysphonia, and dyspnea.
The work-up should include routine blood work including thyroid function tests thyrotropin, thyroxine, and thyroid hormone binding ratio; iodine thyroid scintigraphy; and computerized tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. The majority of patients require surgical excision of the symptomatic mass and, in case of absence of orthotopic thyroid tissue, long-term thyroid hormone replacement.

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A case for operated by Dr Steiner at Medanta Hospital,Gurgaon, today by CO 2 Laser