National Registry of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP)

Through this we invite all otolaryngologists of India who are actively involved in management of RRP, either in government or private hospital to jointly develop this on-line registry. After one time registration (free of cost), a single page patient information as per COLTRERA/DERKAY staging and severity scheme needs to be submitted on-line. The participants-registration ID (permanent) would be used further to submit further information of a followed up or upfront case. Entering information for single patient hardly takes a few minutes. Such honorary participation would be duly recognized on the website and we sincerely hope to have our colleagues' cooperation to facilitate a better management of RRP patients and subsequently develop specific health policy in future.
website :

Dr. Anupam Mishra
Associate Professor
Department of ENT,
CSM Medical University,
(King George’s Medical College)

Dr venkat said...
we have one child with rrp in government general hospital, guntur, a.p. we will register