Low cost indiginous Debrider:Dr.Yashvant B. Chhatbar

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The cost of debrider is only 80,000. The availibility is with Ritu surgical Gandhinagar only. The blades are sturdy and carbide so can be used many times after sterilisation with ETO or immerse in antiseptic solution.They supply two blades free of cost with the debrider and it lasts for at least 2-5 yrs for an average ENT surgeon. It is designed by me and is manufactured by assembling different parts some are from out side and some indiginous by one of the engineer and couple of elcronic people.I have given the name Home made debrider as all the debriders available are from differnt countries and as this debrider is made in our home country India so the name is given like this. Still feel free to contact me.


Dr.Yashvant B. Chhatbar
Ear, Nose and throat specialist
Super specialist in Ear and Laser