International Course on “Sialendoscopy”- Conference Report by Dr Arun Goyal

International course on Sialendoscopy was held on Nov 20 – 21, 2009 at University College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital, Delhi. It was organized by Deptt of ENT keeping in mind the important advances made in the management of salivary gland pathology. 80 delegate from different parts of our country, Nepal & Thailand registered for this first ever course in this part of the world.
The course was conducted by Prof. Francis Marchal and Prof. P.P. Singh (Course Director). Eight cases of salivary gland pathology including stones, strictures & Juvenile Recurrent Parotitis were operated by this minimal invasive technique & demonstrated to delegate via live video transfer to the auditorium.

Prof. Marchal demonstrated the removal of submandibular duct stones with the sialendoscope and also demonstrated the dilatation of submandibular duct stenosis with dilating balloons. A case of parotid duct stricture was dilated with gradually increasing sized scopes with instillation of steroids to avoid recurrence. The use of stent in the Wharton’s duct was also demonstrated. On the second day combined approach for a case of large parotid duct stone was demonstrated using face lift incision & creation of a SMAS (Superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) flap.

Lectures on various aspects of Sialendoscopy like indications, anatomy, technique & complications were delivered by course faculty comprising of Francis Marchal, P.P. Singh, Arun Goyal, Alok Thakar, K.K.Handa, T.K.Hazra, Vipin Arora & Tobias Schwoy. The thrust was on paradigm Shift from gland-centric to duct-centric therapies.

During closing ceremony, delegates said that they have learnt a new technique and are quite enthused by the possibilities offered by this technique and are looking forward to start it soon in their practice.