COBLATION-A new pain free approach to ENT surgeries.

In the Era of Day Care ENT surgeries in contemporary practice, a relatively much less amount of post operative pain and swelling is much more desirable than ever before, and if the add-on in the technology is minimal blood loss, it makes a win win situation for any surgeon as well as the patient.
Coblation — A Powerful, Plasma-Based Technology, a controlled, non-heat driven process — uses radiofrequency energy to excite the electrolytes in a conductive medium, such as saline solution, creating a precisely focused plasma.

The plasma's energized particles have sufficient energy to break molecular bond within tissue, causing tissue to dissolve at relatively low temperatures (typically 40°C to 70°C). The result is volumetric removal of target tissue with minimal damage surrounding tissue. Many Coblation devices also are designed to stop blood (haemostasis) and coagulate or seal bleeding vessels.

Cooler Temperatures
Because radiofrequency current does not pass directly through tissue during the Coblation process, tissue heating is minimal. Most of the heat is consumed in the plasma layer, or in other words, by the ionization process. These ions then bombard tissue in their path, causing molecular bonds to simply break apart and tissue to dissolve.
The Minimal Access Unit ( Department Of ENT ) invites you to participate in the City’s first ever Live demonstration of cobalation surgeries at Sir GangaRam hospital on 22nd December 2009.
For Details see attached brochure or call:
Dr Devinder Rai (Director) : 9811009393
Dr Manish Munjal (Coordinator); 9971149996