AOICON 2010 Mumbai Junior Consultant Award Papers

Hall- B1
2:00PM to 5:00PM
Dr. P.A. Shah Junior Consultant Award Papers (8 Min Each)

1. Dr Peter Rodrigues(Mumbai)
2. Dr Gautam Khound(Guwhati)
1.Dr. Prasanta Kumar Gure ( Kolkata)Management of Otogenic Brain Abscess
2.Dr. Soumitra Ghosh (Kolkata)A new technique in ossiculoplasty.
3.Dr. Sunil Srichand, Nichlani ( Thane)Reconstruction of tympanic membrane with partial tragal cartilage graft versus temporalis fascia graft.
4.Dr. Mahesh Kumar Prabhakar Nikam (Mumbai)Microbial colonisation of Bloom Singer indwelling voice prosthesis in laryngectomised patients. An Indian perspective
5.Dr. Sayed Suhail Iftekar (Pune)Tracheoesophageal party wall thickness in laryngectomised patients in /India: Implications for surgical voice restoration
6.Dr. Kiran Natrajan (Chennai)Management of Facial nerve neuroma
7.Dr. Vaishali Kashinath Shambharkar (Mumbai)Cemento ossifying fibroma causing lateral displacement and proptosis of the right eyeball –A rare case report.
1. Dr G B Kulkarni(Thane)
2.Dr. Manish Munjal (Ludhiana)
8.Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Aggarwal (Saharanpur)Review of 248 Cases of Thyroid surgery under local anesthesia
9.Dr. Vikram Bhat K. (Hubli)Middle ear atelectasis and primary acquired cholesteatoma.
10.Dr. Navneeta Gangwal (Manipal)Endoscopic sphenoidotomy-our experience
11.Dr. Renu Rai (Bhopal)Aggressive Behaviour pattern of carcinoma of oral tongue: A central India Experience.
12Dr. Renu Rai (Bhopal)Culture and antibiotic susceptibilities of oral cancer flora-New insights for perioperative antibiotic therapy.
13.Dr. Neelima Gupta (Delhi)Comparison of perceptional nasal obstruction with objective measurement of nasal conductance.
14.Dr. Sangeeta Ramadoss (Bangalore)Keratosis obturance-various presentation and its management
Chairperson:-1. Dr Bharat Johanputra(Mumbai)
2. Dr. S.K.Mahajan (Hoshiarpur)
15.Dr. Biswarup Mukhopadhyay (Kolkata)Radiation induced voice changes in upper aerodigestive tract malignancies.
16.Dr. Rohit Singh (manipal)Role of LEFORT-I Osteotomy approach in J.N.A.
17.Dr. Paramita Chakraborty (Guwahati)Migrainous vertigo
19.Dr. Bhawana Pant (Nainital)Role of frozen biopsy in morphological diagnosis of headand neck cancers
20.Dr. Neha P.Shah Obstructive sleep apnoea
21Dr. P. Vijaya Krishnan (Chennai)Silent Snoring- An Enigma
Chairperson:-1. Dr Trupti Goodkari(Mumbai)
2. Dr. Rijuneeta (Chandigarh)
22Dr. K. Karthikeyan (Chennai)Pediatric auditory brainstem implantation for cochlear nerve hypoplasia
23Dr. Sudha Maheshwari (Chennai) Pulsatile stapes in large vestibular aqueduct syndrome: A Unique entity
24.Dr. Prahlad Duggal (Amritsar) Revision endoscopic sinus surgery: What should a surgeon expect
25.Dr. Kavita Goyal (Delhi)Use of alloderm in parotid fistula