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AOICON 2010 Invited Talks

Day 2:- 08/01/2010

1. Sialendoscopy – Dr Rohan Valvekar(USA)
2. Sialendoscopy – Indian prespective-Dr.P P Singh (Delhi)
3. Radiosurgery of Acoustic Tumour Dr. Jed Kwartler, U.S.A
4. Conservation Rx Ca Larynx- Dr. Suresh Sharma (Delhi )
5. Endoscopic Management of Limited Cholesteatoma- Dr. Muazz Tarabichi
6. Parotid Surgery (Dr. Anil D Cruz(Mumbai)
7. Cochlear Implants- 25yrs Dr. Sandra Desa Souza (Mumbai)
8. TMJ syndrome in ENT: Dr.Mahadeviah(Bangalore)
9. Laryngeal Framework Surgery- Col. Ramalingam(Chennai)
10. Physiology of deglutition – Dr. N.K. Apte(Mumbai)
11. Open Rhinoplasty- How to Do it- Dr.Anoop Dhir (Plastic Surgeon, Delhi)
12. Two decades of Endoscopic DCR- Prabodh Karnik(Mumbai)
13. Facial Nerve Decompression-Dr. G.V.S Rao (Hyderabad)
14. Role of Endoscopy in PNS tumours – Dr. Hetal Patel.(Mumbai)
15. Management strategies in 6Vertigenous patients- Nuri Ozgigrin
16. Powered Instruments in Sinus Surgery-Dr. Meghanadh(Hyderabad)
17. Treatment of Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis – Dr.Manish Munjal(Delhi)
18. Role of Laser in DCR- Dr.Ravi Meher(New Delhi)
19. Medicolegal aspects in ENT practice- Dr. Sanjay Sood(new Delhi)
20. Management of GERD- Dr. K.K. Handa (New Delhi)
21. Profileplasty- Dr Bhangoo(USA)
22. Radiology in Nasal Surgery- Zahoor Ahmed(New Zealand)

Day 3:- 09/01/2010

23. CO2 Laser in Laryngeal cancer:Dr. Alok Thakar(Delhi)
24. Navigation in Sinus Surgery- Dr. Devender Rai(Delhi)
25. Rehabilitation of Laryngectomy patients- Indian Perspective- Dr. Sanjeev
Golar (Nagpur)
26. Thyroid surgeries – Dr. Ashok Gupta (Udaipur)
27. Solitary Nodule of thyroid- Dr.Madan Kapre(Nagpur)
28. Endoscopic Salvage of Frontal Sinus – Dr. P. Thulsidas (Chennai)
29. Parapharyngeal space tumour-PSN Murthy (Vijaywada)
30. Recent trends of tonsillectomy - T S Anand (New Delhi)
31. Problems with current TNM Staging System in head and neck Ca- Dr. Rehan
32. Hemifacial- Dr. K.K. Tural(Mumbai)
33. Inverted Papilloma-Dr. Ranjan Iyer (Baroda)
34. Snoring – Dr. D.S.Deendayal (Hyderabad)

Day 4:- 10/01/2010
35. Cleft palate-Dr. Neelam Sathe(Mumbai)
36. Mucosal flaps in Tonsillectomy : Dr.Sunil Nichlani
37. Application of Computers in ENT Dr Dillon D’ Suza(Mumbai)