Robot-Assisted Endoscopic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery with No Neck Incisions.

Thyroid (thyroidectomy, thyroid lobectomy) and parathyroid (parathyroidectomy) surgery has traditionally been performed through a neck incision just above the collar bone. While there have been many refinements to thyroid surgery, patients continue to be unsatisfied with having a cervical (neck) scar.(1,2) By approaching the thyroid or parathyroids through an incision in the axillary fold (under the arm) and using the daVinci Surgical System, we are able to eliminate the cervical (neck) scar and reduce post-surgical numbness of the anterior neck. The recovery time for patients is similar to traditional surgical techniques.

Potential candidates for this new procedure include: patients with thyroid nodules less than 4 cm in diameter, some papillary thyroid carcinomas, and some follicular thyroid carcinomas. Additionally, patients with a parathyroid adenoma that can be localized pre-operatively through imaging studies may be candidates.

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