Novel totally implantable piezoelectric device

"A novel totally implantable piezoelectric device has been developed by Envoy Medical Corporation, USA. This device, Esteem-Hearing Implant is 100% implantable, so it is 100% invisible. Esteem has a piezoelectric transducer (Sensor) placed on the Incus bone which converts the mechanical energy into electric energy, which is the known property of a piezoelectric material. This electrical signal is then amplified, processed and converted back to vibratory signal by means of another piezoelectric transducer (Driver) placed on stapes. The piezoelectric transducer has been shown to provide output levels close to 110 dB SPL. Like a hearing aid, an Audiologist programs the implant using a device called commander and once programmed, patients have the option of adjusting volume, modify background noise filters and turn it off/on remotely".
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