Frontal 2009, Kochi 2009, November 20-21,2009

Frontal 2009
( International workshop on Frontal Sinus surgery, 20th & 21st November 2009)

Welcome back to Kochi!

We are here again with an exclusive in depth demonstration of the most difficult region in the sinuses, THE FRONTAL, led by none other than the doyen of the frontal sinus, Prof.Wolfgang Draf, the person who described the Draf type I ,II,& III frontal sinus drainages.

Prof.Draf, and Dr.George Varghese will spend two days demonstrating live frontal Sinus surgeries. Well, one cannot finish the FESS by just entering the frontal Sinus alone! It goes without saying that in addition to the live demonstration of the different frontal Sinus drainages, routine FESS will also be shown.

So, gear up, join for this first of its kind course. GV ENT Centre, & ‘The Advanced Rhinology Centre’ at the Vijayalakshmi Medical Centre will not leave any stones unturned, to make every minute you spent with us worthwhile. Please note that we can accommodate only 300 delegates, & so register now, so as not to get disappointed.

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See you in November 2009.

Your’s Sincerely,

Dr.George Varghese Dr.Saju KG
Course Director Org.Secretary
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