Salute your Teachers

Rajiv Tandon ( Muscat )
One person whom I will always be indebted to is Dr P C Sagar ... my Guide and teacher .... Sir thank you for teaching us and making us confident in believing in ourselves ..

Darius Jijina ( ENT Consultant MAX Delhi)

"I have had the good fortune of having many good teachers but the one who has had the greatest impact on me is my post graduate guide at AFMC,( then ) Col. J.M. Bakshi. He taught me the one thing that has stood me in good stead all these be, above all, a good human being. I am forever indebted to him."

Abha bhatnagar

I love to remain a student for whole life.being a student i take the liberty to ask and solve my queries which never ends.i salute to my present teacher younger than me dr Alok Thakker.i salute to my another present teacher very senior to me dr sk kakker.
Gp Capt A Bhargava
Senior Adviser (ENT)

Special thanks to the patients who are our best teachers.
Many thanks to those on whom we learnt our anatomy
Those ORAs who taught us minor procedures
Dr G S Kohli, Dr J N Bhatia, Dr Wig ,Dr OP Sachdeva, Dr J K Sahni, Dr
S P S Yadav, Dr S P Gulati under all these I learnt my ENT

Ajit Man Singh

Prof Kacker, Ghosh, Sudhir & Deka
always, and not only on teachers day....... and I dont need to write it down for them to know it.

Dr Atul Ahuja
I have had the opportunity of working in three different institutions during my residency days. Fortunately I got good guidance from several teachers in all of them. The order in which I mention these names is no reflection to whom I am more indebted. I wish to express my gratitude and shall forever be indebted to these people. They are Dr. Sagar and Dr. Kalra at SJH, Dr. Gulati and Dr. Raju at MAMC and Dr.Mathur and Dr. Bais at LHMC. I mention the name of my Guide Dr. Agarwal in the end as I need to thank him specially for being available to me for all manner of guidance and help, for being my guide always.

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