Tongue Tie Release - Controversy

Controversy surrounding tongue tie

The medical profession is divided about
the necessity for tongue tie release. Some
medical practitioners do not recognise the
reported problems as significant enough to
warrant surgical intervention. Evidence
exists in literature suggesting that some
tongue ties relax with time.
Before the decision to divide a tongue tie
is made, the severity of the symptoms on
the child should be assessed. The presence
of an unproblematic tongue tie is not an
indication for surgical division, and it is left
to the clinical judgement of the medical
practitioner to assess the significance.......
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Intresting question.In fact I have been under quite pressure to do this procedure by my referring colleuges and parents of patient.I do about 5/10 patient including adult in a year but refuse to do in as many as 100 patients. They all come with a belief that this is some thing which will make the child start speaking immediately.
Dr K C Ahuja, Gwalior
None or one tongue tie surgery
Dr S K Kacker ,Delhi
tongue tie realease is less understood in this part of world.the tie should be released after the age of four years since the rease may occure by it self when child grows and use the tongue for speech. the evaluation should be done carefuly since it may not be the cause of the problem.

dr a k rai