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Will you use Corticosteroids in Acute Sore Throat for pain relief ?

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Answer will depend on the basis of knowing the whole story of the patient. If only this then NO.
Dr Arjun Dass

Combination of Anti-allergic along with corticosteroid helps in reducing pain & soreness earlier due to the synergistic antiallergic/ anti-inflammatory effect.A short course is really safe and effective
I would add oral steroids if the acute inflammation is accompanied by uvular oedema
Dr. Vishesh Malhotra, Gurgaon

steroids can be used if proper antibiotic coverage is assured
Dr Shrikant Pathak

I would give one off a dose of corticosteroids if I see swollen tonsils with exudate or uvular edema in sore throat along with antibiotics.

Dr Kiran Jumani
i've never used steroids in this scenario but have found them being prescribed by many physicians, albeit for few days. this study advocates a single dose administration, either oral or injectable. i feel this study will help us in judiciously using steroids in sore throat. many thanks to the uploader of this topic.
Dr Harpreet S Kochar
only if breathing difficulty.
kacker s k