EXIT Procedure in CHAOS

Congenital high airway obstruction sequence (CHAOS) is a rare, life-threatening condition characterized by complete or near complete intrinsic obstruction of the fetal airway. CHAOS has been considered an almost invariably fatal condition which often goes incorrectly diagnosed until autopsy. However, advances in prenatal imaging, earlier diagnosis in utero, in utero surgical treatment, and delivery via ex utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) to tracheostomy may contribute to improving the outcome of this condition.
CHAOS is diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound in a male fetus at 18-weeks-gestation. Findings included enlarged lungs, inverted diaphragms, dilated trachea distal to the obstruction, and ascites


One such case was presented by Department of ENT, AIIMS, in DELHI AOI clinical meeting held on 21/8/2009