This site is to increase the awareness about Head & Neck Cancer Surgery as well as Skull Base Surgery among the medical community and the general public. Cancer affecting different areas of Head & Neck and skull base are described briefly with case reports. The causes, early symptoms of these tumors as well as how they are diagnosed and treated are described.

Skullbase surgery is one of the most exciting and challenging innovations in modern surgery. Lesions involving skull base are rarely limited to areas that are assigned to a single speciality. These tumours, especially malignancies, which were often considered inoperable are being removed currently by using these techniques.

Dr. C. Rayappa

Senior Consultant,
Dept. of ENT - Head & Neck Surgery and Skull Base Surgery,
Apollo Speciality Hospitals,
320, Mount Road, Chennai -600 035, India

International Conference on Sleep Disorders,April 3-5,2009

International Conference on Sleep Disorders
Organised by
Indian Sleep Disorders Association &
Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences

Program Endorsed by
American College of Chest Physicians, USA
World Federation of Sleep Medicine



Organising Chairperson
Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences
AK 38, 8th Street
11th Main Road
Chennai 600 040, India
Ph: +91 44 4350 2252
Fax: +91 44 2621 3322
Email: sleepcon2009@gmail.com

Rhinology World 2009,April 15-19, 2009 in Philadelphia

Rhinology World 2009 represents the happy gathering of four major
societies dedicated to medical and surgical treatment of nasal and sinus disorders. The International Rhinological society meets on a bi-annual basis and has placed its 2009 meeting in Philadelphia, PA, USA,hosted by its president, Dr. David Kennedy, a world-renowned sinus surgeon.

The International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN)
is an annual meeting hosted by its President-Elect. The 2009 President-
Elect is Dr. James Palmer, also of the University of Pennsylvania. Both the IRS and ISIAN have been scheduled to meet April 15-19, 2009 in Philadelphia.
The American Rhinological Society hosts a Spring and Fall meeting each year, and the ARS has agreed to hold its Spring meeting
in conjunction with Rhinology World 2009.
The American Academy of Otolarngic Allergy will also join and hold its Spring meeting in Philadelphia.

The four societies will combine in a coordinated fashion to present not only the cutting edge of basic and clinical sciences in Rhinology, but also instruction courses, demonstration, dissertation, and opportunity for hands on surgical training.

Manipal Workshop,March 27-29,2009

You will be happy to note that we are organizing a ‘Workshop on Head & Neck Surgery and Hands-on Workshop on Laser surgery in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck’ at Manipal on 27-29 March 2009. I am herewith attaching the brochure of the same. Kindly participate and also encourage your post-graduate students and friends to register. Details are provided in the brochure. Printout/ Photostat of the registration form may be used for registration. Please forward this mail to all your ENT friends who may be interested in this workshop.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dipak Ranjan Nayak

Prof and Head

Department of ENT-Head & Neck Surgery

Kasturba Medical College

Manipal- 576104



Dr. Balakrishnan R
Professor and Head of Unit-II
Department of ENT- Head & Neck Surgery
Kasturba Medical College
Tel: 9845383714


The First Middle East-Asia
Allergy Asthma Immunology

New Horizons in Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
March 26-29,2009, Dubai, UAE

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Here you'll find lots of information on the throat, what causes throat infections, the symptoms of throat problems and the potential treatments available..........

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