Surgical Workshops on Phonosurgery and Sialology

Date : Sialology 18th April 2008
Phonosurgery 19th -20th April 2008
Venue : Conference Hall
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Live surgery, Panel discusions and talks

Sialology Topics          Phonosurgery Topics        

*Surgery for drooling *Thyroplasty
*Sialoendoscopy *Arytenoid Adduction
*Sialorrhea *Phonomicrosurgery
*Sialoadenitis *Microlaryngeal
*Imaging surgery
*Parotidectomy *Spasmodic dysphonia
*Sub mandibular gland surgery *Stroboscopy
*Swallowing disorders *Lasers in laryngology
*Aspiration *Speech rehabilitation of
*Xerotomia cancer larynx
* *Laryngopharyngeal
*Juvenile Papillomas
*Difficult cases
*Profesional voice
*Voice therapy
*Muscle tension

Renowned International And National Faculty
Limited seats to first 100

Organising secretary
Dr KK Handa
Associate Professor
Deptt. Of ENT
All India institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi 110029
Ph 011-26494800, 9871189790