Ist International Flexible Otoloic Surgery Course 2008

"Learning to do things differently"
18 - 20 January 2008
Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital,
Chitradurga-577501, Karnataka, India.

A great Otologist has said "Every intra-op surgical decision needs to be custom-made to the individual patient's needs and the surgeon's capabilities and facilities. Surgeon's must avoid fitting their patients to their surgical techniques. On the contrary, we must adjust our surgical choices to fit each patient's situation needs. Multiple choices may have to be considered before each patient is offered a particular type of surgery, and surgeons need to be prepared to change their techniques accordingly and competently".
This statement clearly states that a good Otologist must know and be able to perform all the Otologic techniques in order to be a good surgeon. Therefore, theme for our course is "Flexible Otologic Surgery" in which we shall bring various Otologic Techniques through Didactic lectures, Video presentations, Cadaver dissection demonstrations and Live Surgery Demonstrations in an interactive manner. It is said, "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently" (Shiv Khera). Our objective will be to make you all winners by "Learning to do things differently".
Five eminent surgeons and teachers from different parts of our country shall bring diversified techniques on one platform. The course will be designed both for post-graduates, beginners, as well as senior surgeons. While for post-graduates the course will be a pre-examination otology review, for beginners the course will be a sort of "Otology Made Easy" and for the Senior Surgeons it will be "Otology Update".
The weather in Chitradurga in January is at its pleasant best. In case of an emergency, we have installed giant fans around the city, which you can witness yourself when you are here. Other than the scientific feast we wish to test your taste buds with central Karnataka food. A visit to Chitradurga will also take you back into the time through historical splendour of the city.
For a change, we wish to offer home stay and hospitality for interested delegates which is a new thing in tourism. Free accommodation is arranged for Post-graduates and DNB students at our Medical college hostels. Interested may contact us. Management and staff of Basaveshwara Medical College and Hospital shall leave no stone unturned to make this event a grand success and a memorable one for you.

To make this event more productive, the delegates may write to us about their expectation, doubts, difficulties, suggestions and creative criticism to our e-mail address.

Dr. Prahlada N.B MBBS (JJMMC, Davanagere) MS (PGIMER, Chandigarh)Organizing Chairman and Course Director.
Mobile: 9342310854, 9449857988.