11th Asia -Oceania

11th Asia-Oceania ORL H&N Congress In connection with 8th Hearing International Annual Conference

Venue :Peach Convention Center, Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand
21-25 November 2007
Highlights :

§ “Hearing International” and “Hearing for All”
§ Hearing for all HI-IFOS-ISA Cooperation
§ Cochlear implant in young children
§ Sleep disorder’s management state of the arts
§ Updated on mucosal immunology of nasal allergy and nasal polyposis
§ Endoscopic sinus surgery failures: What to do next?
§ Cochlear implantation: From theory to practice
§ Universal neonatal hearing screening-Does it apply to all countries?
§ Progress in stem cell and tissue engineering in ORL
§ Non abrasive facial rejuvenation; laser & light

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Supataraporn Chan
Congress Coordinator
11th Asia-Oceania ORL Head & Neck Congress